Indeed most high-end cabinet builders don't offer an exceptional kitchen or bathroom cabinet box with materials this solid. Even though it’s a rough analogy, many of our bathroom cabinet clients call our Ultimate Framed cabinet box "the Tank". That’s based on the fact that this all-plywood bathroom cabinet box has 3/4″ thick materials and bathroom cabinet shelves that are twice as thick as our rivals who utilize 3/8″ thick materials. And the back is a robust sheet of 1/2″ plywood.

The inside of our Ultimate Framed kbathroom cabinet box is additionally more sturdy than the typical competitor interior. The inside is real wood veneer coated with a durable UV clear coat. Upon opening this kitchen cabinet box, you will see true wood, not some flimsy representation. we are a proud distributor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida of Jim Bishop cabinets.


No matter what style cabinet doors you choose, from traditional to contemporary, are the main fashion component of your new bathroom. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of wood and contemporary cabinet door styles including exotic veneers, foils and metals. When looking for that perfect cabinet door style for you, check out our Jim Bishop Modern Styles and Wood Styles cabinet door sections.

All wood kitchen cabinet cut-away view to see good solid wood construction


We offer standard finishes as well as custom paint and stain colors which provide unlimited possibilities from which to choose for your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. What we've attempted to do in this area is demonstrate to you a reasonable amount of cabinet finishes, and in addition some contemporary surfaces utilized for our modern cabinet door styles. We are a proud distributor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida of Jim Bishop cabinets.